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I felt like a little kid again

Cathy came to us at the start of this year looking for a solo trip to Namibia. As a veterinarian, she works a stressful job and that coupled with the pandemic had her eager to visit her beloved Africa (again). We were so thrilled that she had an amazing time including enjoying visiting the Cheetah Conservation Foundation and getting a chance to spend time with their chief veterinarian!

This vacay was EVERYTHING I needed! I feel physically and spiritually renewed after my trip! I felt like a little kid again!

Everything was outstanding, far surpassing anything I could have expected. From climbing part-way up Big Daddy in Sossusvlei and sliding down the dunes to classic pics of Dead vlei and Gemsbok...a Cape fur seal jumping on my lap and beautiful pelicans on deck while cruising the Skeleton Coast…

Himba elephants mock fighting...picnics in the wild...Zebras fighting on their back legs.... pink and orange Damaraland sunsets and moon risings...a non-spitting cobra in the road...dik-diks...both rhino species....animal behavior antics...and more! Thank you, Moraway Adventures!

When you are ready for your own Namibia adventure, get in touch and let’s chat about options.

Your friendly safari expert,

Chris Moriarty



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