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Where should I go on safari? Special notes on guides and family travel 

African Safari Guides

All of our African safari guides are expertly trained and exceptionally knowledgeable about the flora and fauna that you’ll encounter on safari. It’s like getting a master class in zoology and botany! In East Africa, most safaris are overland expeditions in 4x4 Land Cruisers (not minivans) with an English-speaking, naturalist guide throughout your itinerary. They’ll be with you, guiding the way, from sunrise to sunset, and may even join you for an evening meal. On Southern African safaris, where fly-in itineraries are more common due to how remote the camps and lodges are, guides are often resident naturalists based out of specific camps. For specialist activities like walking, gorilla trekking or canoeing, other resident or local specialists may assist your lead guide.


Family Safaris

East Africa offers some great value opportunities for family safaris. Most camps and lodges allow young children, travel involves fewer flights and the abundance of wildlife everywhere helps to keep kid’s interest piqued. Another advantage in countries like Kenya and Tanzania is the opportunity for unforgettable encounters with Maasai, Datoga and Hadza tribal groups.  Many of our guides have children of their own and are skilled at differentiating the experience for every member of the family so everyone can stay engaged and learning.

Southern Africa family safaris are also a wonderful experience with some lodges and camps located in malaria-free areas. This means antii-malaria medications are not necessary. The variety of activities available throughout Southern Africa as well as more developed cities like Cape Town means that there are plenty of options for activities to engage every member of the family.

We recommend South Africa or Kenya/Tanzania for families with younger children.


Child Minimum Age Limits in Africa

Many camps and lodges throughout Africa have age restrictions on children younger than 6-8 years old for both safety and guest courtesy reasons. Depending on the camp, families with children 12 and under often require private activities at an additional charge. Some camps are kid specialists with some awesome child-centric activities (art, cooking, archery or even learning how to change a Land Rover tire) and even the option for exclusive use for your family or families traveling together.

Walking Safaris: Generally from 12 to 16 years old but always at the guides’ discretion

Gorilla Trekking: 15 years old minimum


Pro tip: Consider traveling with another family. This opens up some options for the exclusive use of some camps and lodges. Also, plan far enough in advance to make sure that you maximize availability at the limited camps that specialize in child and family activities.


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Ready to plan your adventure or have any questions? Ask me - I’ve been there!

Your friendly Africa safari expert, 

Chris Moriarty

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